Program – Wednesday 5 April 2017

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  Plenary 3 - Dangerous Consumptions                                          
0830-0900 Corporate Political Activity and dangerous consumptions: How do the vested interests of alcohol, tobacco and gambling steer our governments away from evidence-based public health policy? Professor Peter Miller                                          
0900-0930 Deaths and taxes: the hazards of smoking, the benefits of cessation and of taxation of tobacco worldwide Professor Prabhat Jha                                          
0930-1000 Tobacco Free Portfolios – Identifying and leveraging a new angle on comprehensive tobacco control Dr Bronwyn King                                          
1000-1030 Silver bullet or early grave? Dr Alessandro Demaio                                          
1030-1100 Morning Tea
Session                                 Workshop 14 Panel 18 Workshop 15 Panel 19 Workshop 16 Panel 20
1100-1130 Leavell lecture Prof Mike Daube Moderator: Dr Mengistu Asnake, Past-President, WFPHA                               Moving towards more walkable communities: What role for a walkability planning support system? Claire Boulange  The effects of social and economic participation on the mental health of people with disabilities Allison Milner  Mapping partnerships for health: A skill-building workshop using the Bergen Model of Collaborative Functioning J Hope Corbin  The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre: An case study in researchers and decision-makers partnering to prevent chronic disease Sonia Wutzke Intergovernmental Negotiations For Health Professionals: Shaping Global Agendas Michael Kalmus Eliasz  Three faces of racism: Addressing racism as a social determinant of health in three countries Heather Came
1130-1230 1140-1200WFPHA Awards WFPHA Organizational Award of Excellence
WFPHA Lifetime Achievement Award
Photo Competition Award
Raffle draw
1230-1330 Lunch  
Session WLD13 WLD14 WLD15 Oral Session 64 Oral Session 65 Oral Session 66 Oral Session 67 Oral Session 68 Oral Session 69 Oral Session 70 Oral Session 71 Oral Session 72 Oral Session 73 Oral Session 74 Oral Session 75 Oral Session 76 Workshop 17 Panel 21 Storytelling Session 3 Panel 22 Workshop 18 Panel 23
Theme       Mental health Digital technology and social media Health literacy and communication Healthy public policy Food and nutrition Indigenous and First Nations health Childhood obesity Contraception and family planning Maternal, perinatal and infant health Participatory approaches and strategies Risk and surveillance Alcohol and other drugs Gender equity            
1330-1342 Tobacco Control Gun Violence prevention as a public heatlh issue: learning from Australia's example Global health governance, WHO and the vision of health for all Patient-centred care in complementary medicine: addressing psychosocial needs in contemporary health-care provision. Hope Foley Exposure to digital marketing enhances young adults' interest in energy drinks: an exploratory investigation Limin Buchanan Effects of nutrition literacy and healthy-eater identity on healthy-eating behaviors Chia-Kuei Lee How can international trade and investment agreements support health objectives? Louise Delany The relative price of healthy and unhealthy foods in Australian school canteens Kathryn Backholer Using systems thinking to analyse responses Otitis media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children Jo Durham Preventing childhood obesity in the beginning of life: the healthy beginnings trial Li Ming Wen Findings from access: a qualitative study exploring barriers and facilitators to accessing the emergency contraceptive pill from community pharmacies in Australia Ayesha Ghosh Assessing the need for support in pregnant Australian women Sharon Goldfeld Crowdsourcing the largest participatory surveillance system in the world: insights from Craig Dalton First evidence of higher risk and different epidemiology of skin cancers among farmers Scott Kitchener The effects of extensions and restrictions in alcohol trading hours on alcohol-related harm: systematic review Smriti Nepal Gender differences in behavioural and psychological impacts following the Lac-Magantic (Quebec, Canada) train derailment tragedy Melissa Genereux Making sense of systems thinking for health promotion practitioners Monica Bensberg  Gender Transformative Theory, Practice and Knowledge Translation in Public Health Nancy Poole  1330 - 1350
Distribution of essential medicines to primary care institutions in hubei of china: effects of centralized procurement arrangements Lianping Yang
1350 - 1410
Battling tuberculosis in urban poor communities: Perspectives from the frontlines Carl Abelardo Antonio
1410 - 1430
Health benefits of choral singing - a story of women's wellbeing and connectedness Debbie Scott, Anna Marie Shew, Sharon Cartwright
1430 - 1450
Sharing successes through indigenous storytelling Melissa Stoneham
1450 - 1510
Tenacity, tradeoffs, and traffic cops: health-promoting entrepreneurialism in the retail food environment Catherine Mah
1510 - 1530
First do no harm: exploring the intersection of health and human rights within immigration detention Amelia Tauoqooqo
Addressing the challenges of public health scientific publication John Lowe  Generating priority for health equity in government policy agendas: Concepts, recent examples and skills development Lyndall Strazdins Understanding fertility management in contemporary Australia: Insights from multiple research methods Sara Holton 
1342-1354   Characteristics of smartphone applications for health promotion in community settings: a scoping review Emma Tonkin A theory of young adult health literacy Julie Shaw Medical billing: educate or incarcerate? an Australian case study of a global problem Margaret Faux Transitioning to a sustainable diet - older women's perceptions of obstacles and opportunities Irja Haapala More than just a landlord: a pilot project of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and housing needs Darren Smith Driving obesity prevention in the early childhood setting: implementing Munch & Move in NSW early childhood services Amanda Lockeridge Determinants of family planning practice and intention: success story of health worker-mediated interventions in Bihar, India Rahul Chatterjee Maternal dietary diversity and its determinants during pregnancy among poor in rural Bangladesh Wajiha Khatun Together right now: piloting participatory health promotion in Dodoma Region, Tanzania Kate Molesworth Epidemiology and geospatial distribution of giardiasis and associated risk factors in a peri-urban setting in nsw Australia Patricia Zajaczkowski, Stephanie Fletcher-Lartey Ice' in the ed: emergency department presentations in the Melbourne injecting drug user cohort study Dhanya Nambiar Poor outcomes among female patients with stroke at 3 months in Vietnam Hoang Phan
1354-1406 Health-risking social behaviors, protective factors,and mental health among Filipino adolescents: basis for school-based mental health programs Rommel Salazar Text message reminders from general practice improve seasonal influenza vaccine coverage Annette Regan Health literacy and cardiovascular knowledge deficits in women from disadvantaged communities Keren Greenberg Achieving change in a sea of opposition Meredythe Crane On the radar! - making healthy changes in food and drink at sport Nirmala Pimenta Waminda's dead or deadly program - an exemplary healthy lifestyle program for Aboriginal women in the Shoalhaven area of NSW Willow Firth, Hayley Longbottom Discretionary food and beverages and the relationship between socioeconomic position and obesity in Australian children Alexandra Chung Women empowerment and contraceptive use in Peri-urban Kumasi, Ghana Easmon Otupiri Pre-pregnancy weight change and incidence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: a finding from a prospective cohort study Akilew A Adane Pathways to collaboration: a comparative case study of two community partnerships Kelly Lee Hickey Utilising a population-based cancer registry to monitor cancer patterns in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia Leah Newman Prison based treatment for alcohol and related other drug use among indigenous and non-indigenous men Michael Doyle Baby makes 3 - building the evidence in the prevention of violence against women Anita Thomas
1406-1418 Family cares: a role in addressing chronic disease risk behaviours for people with mental illness? Jacqueline Bailey VicHealth's healthy living apps guide - an evidence based review system and website of lifestyle health apps Jane Shill Health literacy and risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a nationwide study in a healthy population Lydia O'Meara Barriers and facilitators to food-related policymaking in Tonga Catherine Latu Associations between childhood overweight, obesity, abdominal obesity and obesogenic behaviors and practices in Australian homes Adrian Bauman Driving change: evaluation of a licensing support program in Aboriginal communities in New South Wales Patricia Cullen Health and education working together to tackle childhood obesity Christine Innes-Hughes Induced abortions among migrant women in Finland 2001-2014 Mika Gissler Economic evaluation of probiotics for neurodevelopment in very preterm infants: proprems neuro randomised controlled trial Lisa Gold Using discourse analysis to understand how participatory service development can enhance service user agency Sarah Pollock Syndromic surveillance system for the Gold Coast in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Satyamurthy Anuradha Changes in attitudes to alcohol policy in australia: an age, period, cohort analysis Michael Livingston Young women's experience of pornography in relationships Sarah Ashton
1418-1430 Perceived stress and its correlation with Depression Anxiety and Somatic symptoms in a rural community of Northern India Parag Govil Solutions to the over-incarceration of Australia's First Peoples: the role and reach of the #justjustice social media campaign Summer May Finlay The influence of informal sources of health information on the pregnancy outcomes among women in Idi-Araba community, Lagos State Noimot Balogun Are school-based health clinics effective? a systematic review Nick Eichler Local insights into the nutrition of children aged 0-5 years in Northern Thailand Anna Roesler Articulating best practice in Aboriginal community controlled health care Carol Davy, Stephen Harfield Health care system and structural barriers to action in the management of childhood obesity Penny Love More kenyan women use contraceptives through increased understanding of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy Susan Otchere Influencing public health programs: supporting future development of newborn screening Faye Bowman What is a family? developing emic demographic constructs through participatory health research in rural Swaziland Michelle Brear Risk-stratified screening for colorectal cancer (CRC): a meta-analysis and meta-regression of CRC risk prediction models Lakkhina Troeung, David Preen Association between alcohol consumption pattern and metabolic syndrome in young adults Duc Du Increasing the odds for safety and respect: bringing a gendered perspective to preventing harm from gambling Bronwyn Martin, Monique Keel
1430-1442 The changes in prevalence of suicidal thoughts and intentions among Lithuanian residents during economic difficulties period Jelena Stanislavoviena The trouble with technology: expert perspectives on translating new media interventions from research to practice Cassandra Wright Development, translation, and evaluation of a culturally-appropriate fussy eating resource to Korean, Chinese and Arabic Erin Kerr Profiles and predictors of healthcare utilization: using a cluster-analytic approach to identify typical users across conventional, allied and complementary medicine, and self-care Romy Lauche Barriers to transitioning from voluntary to mandatory restrictions on the provision and sale of unhealthy foods in schools in the Philippines Erica Reeve School of tobacco and wellness community challenge - reclaiming the importance of traditional tobacco Keira Walker, Curtis Delorme The nsw healthy children initiative: reducing childhood obesity prevalence through coordinated state-wide action Christine Innes-Hughes What matters in the provision of quality family planning services in Ethiopia: multilevel analysis Gizachew Assefa Tessema The Tapuaki programme - working with Pacific communities to bring health and well-being to our women and babies Seini Taufa, Mary Roberts Exploring opportunities for children to shape public health research Lisa Gibbs Development of a hybrid non-communicable disease surveillance survey within the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Rebecca Robles Harmful use of alcohol in asia: an emerging challenge for health promotion Brian Vandenberg Joined up thinking? broken links between public policies, public health, gender awareness and higher education Sharyn Maxwell
1442-1454 Intervention to increase preventive care in mental health services: exploration of reasons for limited effect Jacqueline Bailey Smartphone applications and healthy lifestyles: what is the evidence? Loredana Covolo Health literacy related knowledge, attitude, practice and perceived barriers: a systematic review Retha Rajah Local public health in England - its evolution since 2013 and future challenges David Phillips Confronting the convenience: the role of convenience stores in children's food environments Christina McKerchar Sudden infant death syndrome in alberta: geospatial analysis of known risk factors in Aboriginal communities Delshani Peiris Bridging the gap between research and food marketing to children policy action Wendy Watson Factors affecting the uptake of modern contraception services among women of reproductive age in South West, Nigeria Folajinmi Oluwasina Factors associated with intention to exclusive breastfeed in central women's hospital, Yangon, Myanmar Myat (Crystal) Pan Hmone Ill flutracking participants respond slightly slower to surveys than well participants Daniel Cassano Small area estimation and reproducible research in r for public health surveillance: a Healthstats NSW case study Rhydwyn McGuire Proportion of consumption by the heaviest drinkers: results from the international alcohol control study Sarah Callinan Health inequity and gender gap in self-reported health among the ukrainian working-age population: evidence for policymakers Iryna Mazhak
1454-1506 Going paperless: using android and open data kit technology in data management for research in resource-limited settings in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria Omosivie Maduka An adult food literacy program- the evolution of food sensations Lucy Butcher International comparison of public health system structure in federated states Thomas Piggott Choosing foods for infants: examining food environments in the early years Rachel Boak Equal or inequality? public health strategies for First Nation Peoples that can contribute to gender and cultural inequity Bonny Briggs Piloting an approach in nsw to improve the confidence of health and community professionals to sensitively and effectively discuss weight with families Shay Saleh   Vitamin d supplementation during pregnancy and infancy reduces food allergen sensitisation: a randomised controlled trial Cameron Grant Improving health, transforming systems: the growth of health justice partnerships in Australia Tessa Boyd-Caine Sustaining alcohol management practices in community sports clubs: a 3 year follow-up Tameka Small
1506-1518   Brave new world: digital technology and health communication Olaf Werder Health knowledge, information sources and behaviors in Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish women Keren Greenberg Panorama of the scientific production of the national school food program in Brazil: a systematic review Daniela Canella Food and nutrition experts' perceptions of secondary school food literacy education Janandani Nanayakkara Maori narratives of resilience Kathrine Clarke   Behavioural and psychiatric disorders of offspring following maternal thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy: a systematic review Dagnachew Fetene The role of consumer voices in public health initiatives: a case study of gambling Helen Miller      
1518-1530   Smart phone application support for improved oral health and tobacco cessation at Manipal University, India Ramprasad Vasthare Prabhakar Creating strategies to improve health outcomes and access for hospital patients in a disadvantaged area of Melbourne, Australia: an Ophelia (optimising health literacy and access) co-creation project Rebecca Jessup   Australia's health star rating labelling - partnering with food industry for public health outcomes Geoffrey Annison Closing the gap for vision: success in improving Aboriginal eye health Uma Jatkar     Help at the end of the line: women's experiences of a telephone-based health-coaching service to support healthy weight gain during pregnancy Jane Raymond Stakeholder's perspective: sustainability of a community health worker program in Afghanistan Maisam Najafizada                
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea
Session WLD16   WLD18 Oral Session 77 Oral Session 78 Oral Session 79 Oral Session 80 Oral Session 81 Oral Session 82 Oral Session 83 Oral Session 84 Oral Session 85 Oral Session 86 Oral Session 87 Oral Session 88 Workshop 19 WLD17 Workshop 21 Workshop 22 Panel 24 Workshop 23 Panel 25
Theme       Global health and SDGs Non-communicable disease Health literacy and communication Health care Food and nutrition Communicable disease Child health Tobacco control Gambling Evidence, equity and Climate Health promotion Alcohol and other drugs              
1600-1612 The prevention of Violence agaisnt women and their children The Melbourne Conversation Ending the rise in obesity in a generation: the case for primordial prevention How did the go4health policy research influence the sustainable development goals discourse? a reflexive review Peter Hill Prevalence of chronic disease risk behaviours among carers of people with a mental illness Jacqueline Bailey Health literacy and health behaviour in people with cardiovascular disease. a Danish population-based study Anna Aaby Symptom burden of chronic kidney disease patients in Sri Lanka Sameera Senanayake Association between fruit and vegetable consumption and psychological distress among middle-aged and older Australians Binh Nguyen The association between prison cell spatial density and infectious and communicable disease: a systematic review Paul Simpson Investigating the health of primary school children in Tonga: what are the main issues? Fiona Langridge Elucidating challenges that electronic cigarettes pose to tobacco control in Asia: a Taiwan population survey Hui-Chin Chang A public health framework to map and monitor gambling industry tactics Samantha Thomas Research and evaluation capability building in public health: how NSW health activities reflect the evidence Barry Edwards On-line training of junior community sports clubs as a facilitator of healthier food provision Nirmala Pimenta The feasibility and acceptability of a web-based alcohol management intervention in community sports clubs Tameka Small   Universal Dental care provision - will it really improve oral health? Global health governance workshop David Legge  Strengthening Organizational Capacity for Public Health Equity Action Benita Cohen  Equity-Enhancing Workforce Development: Public Health Implications of Addressing Potent Challenges in Indigenous Health Education Dennis McDermott  Community Approaches to Health Literacy Roy Batterham  Community Control: Critiquing Community Accountability Measures within Health & Development Programs in Australia, Timor Leste, Myanmar & Kenya Alison Morgan 
1612-1624 The global burden of mental and substance use disorders: findings from the global burden of disease study 2015 Holly Erskine Between-person and within-person variability in 25-hydroxyvitamin d, physical activity, knee pain and falls risk Saliu Balogun Health literacy of recently hospitalised patients: a cross-sectional survey using the health literacy questionnaire (HLQ) Rebecca Jessup Preserving identities: improving recovery outcomes in burn survivors, India Jagnoor Jagnoor Hunger in a wealthy country? building the right to food coalition in Australia Christina Pollard, Jacqui Webster Determining optimal population profiles for vaccination given heterogeneity in susceptibility and infectivity Reena Kapoor Cumulative socioeconomic disadvantage increases the risk of multi-morbidity in early childhood Jin Russell High exposure to tobacco advertising in Bali - violation of tobacco control regulations Putu Ayu Swandewi Astuti Which mechanisms are most influential in the normalisation of gambling? a qualitative study of international gambling experts Samantha Thomas Making sense of local differences in a public health evaluation: prioritising system feedback and interactions Anna Matheson, Mat Walton Strategies to improve implementation of a healthy canteen policy: findings of a series of randomised trials Luke Wolfenden Identifying alcohol harm reduction advertisements that most motivate reduced drinking Melanie Wakefield
1624-1636 Extent of alcohol prohibition in civil policy in Muslim majority countries: the impact of globalization, a case study of Iran Basma Al-Ansari National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA) and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ): Australian Clinical Guidelines for the management of Acute Coronary Syndromes 2016 Derek Chew Communication barriers between pharmacist and person with blindness in pharmaceutical care delivery Marlita Putri Ekasari Access to high cost cancer medicines in Australia Narcyz Ghinea How we eat: grading the evidence for population-level advice on eating behaviours in New Zealand Sarah Gerritsen Determinants of geospatial distribution of Giardiasis in New South Wales, Australia Soumya Mazumdar An integrated model of child and family services as a core part of comprehensive primary health care Donna Ah Chee Attitudes towards clean Nicotine and Tobacco harm reduction in Australian adult smokers Kylie Morphett They show you what to bet on. the role of marketing in the normalisation of gambling for children in Australia Hannah Pitt Climate for change: the experiences of Australian general practitioners in climate change and health advocacy Janie Maxwell Use of data and resource allocation: qualitative study of district-based decision making in health, India Sanghita Bhattacharyya Pharmaceutical drug misuse: prevalence, harm and effective interventions in Australia Ben O'Mara
1636-1648   Premature cardiovascular disease risk and shortfalls in treatment among Indigenous Australians Bianca Calabria How cancer information and knowledge is constructed .findings from a qualitative study with cancer patients in the United Arab Emirates Iffat Elbarazi Clinical registries in Australia: findings from a cross sectional survey Dewan Hoque Effects of interpretive nutrition labels on consumer food purchases: the starlight randomized, controlled trial Cliona Ni Mhurchu Prehospital treatment of Meningococcal disease: using surveillance data to inform clinical practice Amanda Kvalsvig Child punishment at home and affected factors in Vietnam Long Tran Quy Systematic review of research incorporating biomarker assessments of the health impact of e-cigarettes Cynthia Wong The normalisation of gambling environments in regional New South Wales: a qualitative study with family groups Amy Bestman Climate change is a health issue: physician advocacy in Australasia Linda Selvey An analysis of framing effects and cognitive styles on health-related decision choices Alyssa Ding Alcohol advocacy in three australian jurisdictions: what can we learn from policy process theory? Caterina Giorgi
1648-1700 Global health competencies for postgraduate public health education Shailendra Sawleshwarkar Sex differences in the management of stroke: the international stroke outcomes study (instruct) Hoang Phan Exploring health literacy barriers to breast screening in Arabic and Italian speaking women from North West Melbourne Annie Cooper Dental presentations at acute hospital emergency departments Vijay Ishami   Feasibility and safety of mass co-administration of Azithromycin and Ivermectin to control Trachoma and Scabies: the aim study Lucia Romani Time2bhealthy: an online healthy lifestyle program for parents of preschool-aged children Megan Hammersley To what extent do countries balance tobacco tax revenue with tobacco control spending? George Thomson A comparative content analysis of media reporting of sports wagering in Australia: lessons for public health advocacy initiatives Jennifer David Organising for equity Evelyne De Leeuw A settings-based approach to breastfeeding health promotion: breastfeeding friendly pharmacies Sophie Carty Ageing populations and alcohol and drug use: a new era of challenges and interventions Ann Roche
1700-1712 A health impact assessment of the proposed pacific agreement on economic relations (PACER) plus trade agreement Deborah Gleeson Validation and recalibration of the framingham CVD models in an Australian Indigenous cohort Xinyang Hua Health literacy: an opportunity for health equity in migrant groups Rhonda Garad Barriers to cancer diagnosis and treatment in a large rural area of Victoria, Australia Crystal McPhee Qualitative exploration into consumers' views of a sustainable eating pattern Davina Mann Estimating the contribution of Influenza to hospitalisations and deaths in New Zealand Trang Khieu The kids in communities study: an investigation of community-level factors influencing early child development Sharon Goldfeld On-pack tobacco warnings 2.0 Janet Hoek The influence of physical and online environments on the gambling risk behaviours of young men Samantha Thomas Exploration of barriers and facilitators to publishing local public health findings: a mixed methods protocol Selina Smith The art of being mentally healthy: building community mental health through sponsorship of the arts Sarah Graham Findings from a randomised controlled trial evaluating midy (mobile intervention for drinking in young people) Cassandra Wright
1712-1724 Accounting for non-governmental organisations in the sustainable development goals Hebe Gouda Predictive risk factors for localised knee pain and generalised pain: a 10-year prospective study Hong Duc Du Health literacy and fruit and vegetable intakes in large rural area in Victoria Australia Siew Lim Rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy: challenges of health services Geraldine Vaughan Benchmarking current government actions to improve the healthiness of food environments in australia Gary Sacks Estimating the burden of Influenza on emergency departrment care David Muscatello Reconstitution of oral rehydration solution among caregivers of under fives in Milgoma, Kaduna State Abdulhakeem Olorukooba Understanding stakeholders views toward Indonesian tobacco control regulation on taps: a content analysis of news articles Putu Ayu Swandewi Astuti Gambling behaviours and demographic characteristics of people betting on sport: findings from a general population study in Victoria Helen Miller Misclassification of reported exclusive breastfeeding duration within the growing up in New Zealand cohort Teresa Castro Characteristics of behavioural economic approaches to promoting behaviour change in lifestyle interventions using financial incentives Bronwyn McGill Taking action on drinking cultures: development and implementation of the vichealth alcohol cultures framework Emma Saleeba
1724-1736 Developing evidence based national salt reduction strategy for Fiji Arti Pillay Comparison of measures of adiposity for field studies in LMICS and their association with hypertension and diabetes Michaela Riddell Teachback for Telehealth: ensuring callers understand health advice over the phone Suzanne Morony Development of a bleeding risk scheme to prevent adverse events in the elderly on Warfarin therapy Saranya Ramesh Overexposed? quantifying children's exposure to outdoor food advertising Michelle Barr Community-onset Staphylococcus Aureus infections and household colonisation patterns in Australia: the Cosahc study Catherine Bennett Factors associated with undernutrition among children 6-36 month: hospital based study in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan Abdul Mateen Baloch Exploring mods users' psycho-social experiences of vaping Janet Hoek New tracks in the Northern Territory: a health promotion project addressing gambling impacts in Australian Indigenous communities Marisa Fogarty, Nicola Coalter Lancet Countdown Selina Lo, Professor Tony Capon, Jack Fisher Support groups as a health promotion model Antonella Segre  
1736-1748 Right to safe motherhood in Bangladesh Tahera Ahmed A walking stick and a chainsaw: patients' perspectives of living with multimorbidity Jeannine Stairmand, Cheryl Davies Communicating with clinicians: development of a question prompt list for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Melanie Gibson-Helm   Victorian healthy eating enterprise: evaluating a collaborative approach Felicity Sicari Translating Q fever diagnosis and prevention strategies into practice in partnership with general and hospital practitioners Jane Jelfs Drink-up: determining the nature and extent of children's beverage consumption using wearable cameras Moira Smith Do smokes want to quit without help? attitudes towards assisted and unassisted quitting in Australia Kylie Morphett Differences in gambling related harm in inner and outer Melbourne: findings from a general population survey Sean O'Rourke Promoting healthy lifestyle among palestinian students mediated by teachers training and engagement Keren Greenberg  
1748-1800 From planetary to public: thinking globally, acting locally to improve the public's health John Middleton Prevalence and correlates of uncontrolled hypertension among hypertensive adult residents in Cagayan Valley and Bicol Region, Philippines Maylin Palatino Using the 'ophelia' (optimising health literacy and access) process to improve after-hours primary care services Carol Wildey         Relationship between psychological distress and tobacco use: a cross-sectional study from north India Sonu Goel The demographics of problem gambler profile: every man and woman in all ages Kristal Yeung   Australian GPs and Obstetrician management of smoking in pregnant women - where do we need to intervene? Yael Bar Zeev