Program – Tuesday 4 April 2017

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  Plenary 2 - Sustainable Development                                            
0830-0900 Public Health in Africa: Current challenges and future prospectsProfessor Alex Ezeh                                            
0900-0930 Sustainable Development challenges in the Pacific Region Dr Colin Tukuitonga                                            
0930-1000  Introduction of Infectious Diseases Surveillance, Early Warning and Control in China Dr Yang Weizhong                                            
1000-1030 Are we at a turning point in Public Health? Dr Maria Neira                                            
1030-1100 Morning Tea
Session       Oral Session 26 Oral Session 27 Oral Session 28 Oral Session 29 Oral Session 30 Oral Session 31 Oral Session 32 Oral Session 33 Oral Session 34 Oral Session 35 Oral Session 36 Oral Session 37 Oral session 38 Workshop 6 Panel 8 Workshop 7 Panel 9 Workshop 8 Workshop Panel 10
Theme       Non-Communicable disease Equity in health Social determinants of health Systems thinking Road safety Sexual and reproductive health Refugee health Gender equity Indigenous and First Nations Health Health systems Communicable Diseases Communities and environments Evidence in public health              
1100-1112       Fighting fire with fire: leveraging private sector for non-communicable disease prevention Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez Quality improvement versus pro-equity approaches to population health improvement: are they incompatible? Maria Poynter Strategies impacting caste as a social determinant of health in Bihar, India Dadasaheb Tandale Beyond form and functioning: understanding the contextual factors that influence village health, sanitation and nutrition committees in Northern India Gupteswar Patel The enhanced knowledge translation and exchange framework for road safety Teresa Senserrick Incidence of unintended pregnancy among female sex workers: a systematic review Megan Lim Health care in the hands of newly arrived refugees - a pocket service guide for culturally and linguistically diverse patients Jacinta Bongiorno Stand up and be counted - partnerships for gender equity in rural local governments Jan Tracey, Linda Bennet Decolonisation is imperative for indigenous health equity: case studies from Australia Tamara Mackean Overcoming challenges with population based funding models in a small jurisdiction and organisation Kate Robertson Evaluation of the impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine in Mongolia Claire von Mollendorf Hand hygiene in young children: perspectives from primary care providers and parents Ruby Biezen Impact of an outright ban on the availability of commercial sunbeds in Victoria, Australia Craig Sinclair Understanding hotspots of health disadvantage: Challenges and opportunities Evelyn De Leeuw  Towards a Science of Equitable Solutions Nancy Edwards  Tupuna Infused Modern Swag - Rangatahi leading the Way in Public Health Carrie Taipari  Reducing population-wide sugary drink consumption: a unique partnership approach Alison McAleese  Developing a global understanding about Indigenous health promotion research and evaluation approaches: What works and why? James Smith  Nature is good medicine Parks Victoria Did Health In All Policies Improve Health And Wellbeing In South Australia? - Challenges Of Evaluating A Complex Intersectoral Policy Development Process Fran Baum
1112-1124       Physician-identified barriers to optimal blood pressure management in Australian primary care Alice Owen Racial/ethnic bias and clinical decision-making in medicine: a study of New Zealand medical students Ricci Harris Initiative montrealaise : an effective intersectoral program to transform neighbourhoods Louise Potvin Integrating systems thinking with program logic to facilitate public health program evaluation and design Helen Jordan Driving change: development and implementation of a driver licensing support program for Aboriginal people in NSW Rebecca Ivers, Rosemarie McBride Sexual health outcomes and wellbeing of sex workers in Western Australia: the lash 2.0 study Linda Selvey Refugee and migrant women understanding money in Australia Kirsten Campbell Identifying gender inequality in the local government workplace setting. Clare McHugh Does 25% salt-reduction in bread affect sales in remote indigenous community stores? Emma McMahon System-level action required for wide-scale improvement in quality of primary health care Jodie Bailie Complexities in responding to emerging communicable diseases - Serogroup w Meningococcal disease in Victoria, Australia Katherine Ong Community appraisal of air quality near a landfill site: community perceptions Siphiwe Gumede Finding needles in the stack - big data and health Sneha Lakhotia
1124-1136       App development 101: Rheumatic fever, injections, and emojis Alison Leversha Elderly women's experience of healthcare access in rural Bangladesh - a repressed voice Mohammad Hamiduzzaman Extension of labor rights to vulnerable workers: a globally comparative analysis of national action Willetta Waisath Evaluating Australia's investments in emerging infectious disease preparedness and response in Asia Pacific 2006-2015: are health systems stronger? Gill Schierhout Driving tired - an exploration of sleep-related risky driving behaviours in Australian teenagers Bridie Scott-Parker Chlamydia control - where to from here? results from the Australian Chlamydia control effectiveness pilot (accept) Alaina Vaisey Perspectives of healthcare professionals in providing sexual and reproductive health care to refugee and migrant women in Australia: a socio-ecological approach Zelalem Mengesha Trade and exchange of mothers milk - gender equity in Australian Law and Health Systems Julie Smith Getting your message out to Aboriginal communities: utilising environmental health workers to deliver health messages Melissa Stoneham Building evidence for better health outcomes and service access in rural Australia Martin Laverty Malaria in Timor Leste: a success story Elizabeth Kirkwood Environmental health - the missing leg from the table of public health Andrew Mathieson Using health impact assessment to increase wellbeing through improved stakeholder engagement in the Western Sydney airport Katherine Hirono
1136-1148       The life! program 8 years on: effective state-wide type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention Cara Büsst Socio-economic status and egfr chronic kidney disease: the EGFR follow-up study Rebecca Ritte Practice of protective measures against cold spell in Hong Kong Zhe Huang Taking a systems approach to achieving prevention at scale in Victoria Veronica Graham Trends in driving under the influence of illicit drugs among regular drug users in Australia, 2007-2013: has roadside drug testing had a deterrent effect? Daniel O'Keefe Is there equity of access in termination of pregnancy for Australians living in rural and remote areas? Suzanne Belton Working with Somali-born refugees in Brisbane: shared learning about nutrition and food practices Barbara Radcliffe Women, food and gender sensitive health promotion Renata Anderson Conducting research in the remote aboriginal context: experiences of Aboriginal researchers in Central Australia Roxanne Highfold How do you communicate high quality cancer data in developing countries? Lets try interactive maps! Arturo Rebollon Antiviral Prophylaxis for influenza outbreaks in NSW residential aged care facilities Wedyan Meshreky Associations between body mass index and local food environment in a sample of 15,229 Australians Xiaoqi Feng Evaluating a new international classification of public health interventions Nicola Fortune
1148-1200           Strategies for supporting the un sustainable development goals: lessons from SA's health in all policies approach Carmel Williams The VicHealth indicators survey: information for synergistic local and statewide action Annemarie Wright The public health implications of autonomous vehicles Simone Pettigrew Predicting virginity amongst Malaysian females: do dating experience and relationship status matter? Jacqueline Gun The prevalence of mental illness in refugees and asylum-seekers: a systematic review Rebecca Blackmore Are gender-specific guidelines for the management of heart attack patients warranted in Australia? Adrienne O'Neil Use of evidence by Australian Aboriginal leaders to inform local food supply policy. Megan Ferguson Linking routinely collected general practice data to inform health care: opportunities and challenges Lyle Turner Barriers to infection control among primary health care workers in Zaria, Kaduna State, North Western Nigeria Abdulhakeem Olorukooba Community commitment for smoke free home movement in Yogyakarta and West Nusa Tenggara Provinces, Indonesia Yayi Suryo Prabandari Epidemiology of reported sexual assault in Victorians aged 65 and over: a retrospective review Asika Pelenda
1200-1212       Hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control rates in Indonesian adults years from 2007 to 2014 Mohammad Hussain Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Australia emerges from fiction to fact and identifies urgent need to address recognition and prevention Elizabeth Elliott AM Visibility of equity and socio-economic determinants in guidelines on the Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal Leena Gupta Measuring what counts: the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework Mary Osborn, Vanessa Rose Gaining momentum: community of practice supports collaborative sexual and reproductive health work across Victoria Selena Gillham, Emily Lee-Ack Refugee and asylum seeker housing experiences: implications for health and wellbeing Anna Ziersch Shift work is a public health issue: impacts on fertility in women Renae Fernandez Health promotion implementation: lessons from a place-based evaluation of the national indigenous chronic disease package Nikki Percival The evolution of a self-assessment tool for clinical records quality assurance: a 7 years experience Laura Brunelli What aren't health professionals telling us we're fat? Claire Pearce Our community, our rights Susan Timmins Are communities of practice an effective strategy for knowledge translation and exchange in public health practice? Rebecca Armstrong
1212-1224       A family history of cardio-metabolic diseases is associated with persisting and worsening health behaviours Seana Gall Disparities in maternal health services in Sub-Saharan Africa: 1990-2014 Mulu Abraha Woldegiorgis Polypharmacy in India: a widespread problem with a significant impact Nathan Grills       Violence, gender and diversity in schools: insights from a Brazilian public policy of online education Marcos Signorelli Sexually transmitted infection and blood borne virus screening in pregnancy at indigenous primary health centres Melanie Gibson-Helm Institutional review boards attitudes towards a marginalized community in two countries Katie Hail-Jares   Influence of a local government intervention to improve safety and reduce alcohol-related harm in a regional centre Bernie Ward
1230-1330 Lunch      
Session WLD7 WLD8 WLD9 Oral Session 39 Oral Session 40 Oral Session 41 Oral Session 42 Oral Session 43 Oral Session 44 Oral Session 45 Oral Session 46 Oral Session 47 Oral Session 48 Oral Session 49 Oral Session 50 Oral Session 51 Workshop 9 Panel 11 Storytelling Session 2  Panel 12 Workshop 10 Panel Panel 13
Theme       Non-Communicable disease Mental health Citizens, community and stakeholders Women's health Health care Health Systems Drowning Workplace health Indigenous and first Nations Health Tuberculosis Ageing Communities and environments Health equity              
1330-1342 Non-communicable diseases in Low and Middle Income Settings Integrating ecological determinants into public health practice Child Health: Can we create more equitable systems of care for the health and development of children? Implications for “what works” in policy and practice   Health behaviours among people with mental illness: prevalence, interest in change, acceptability of care Jacqueline Bailey Residential care facilities, not residential living facilities': a citizen's jury on personal decision making for people with dementia in residential aged care Emmanuel Gnanamanickam Female genital mutilation / cutting (FGM/C) in children in Australia: an emerging public health issue Elizabeth Elliott AM Closing the knowledge-practice gap: evidence-based hospital services for acute stroke care in Ghana Leonard Baatiema The distribution of healthcare facilities in a mega city in Bangladesh Shaikh Mehdi Hasan National coastal safety report - reducing the loss of life on our coast through evidence based research Shane Daw, Barbara Brighton Work motivation and job satisfaction among health workers working in primary health facilities in Jhapa district of Nepal Pratik Khanal Interplay wellbeing framework: 'bringing together stories and numbers' to objectively measure Aboriginal cultural values in remote Australia Sheree Cairney Determinants of unsuccessful treatment outcome among drug-resistant Tuberculosis patients in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Noorsuzana Mohd Shariff Health system and service model redesign to better cater for the ageing population in Hong Kong Eng-Kiong Yeoh An examination of the neighborhood environment walkability scale: an Australian study Mohammad Kadir Reaching the 'hard to reach' Emily Box Health political science to public administration - new directions for securing health priorities Gemma Carey Water and health - evidence to challenge commonly held beliefs in High Income Countries Fiona Sim  1330 - 1350
Be a brother: an innovative approach to decolonising health promotion Liss Gabb, Ez Eldin Deng, Bak Deng
1350 - 1410
I will not let them die - A field experience of Continuum of Care in Bihar, India Dadasaheb Tandale
1410 - 1430
Videos to improve heart health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Alvin Lee, Travers Johnstone
1430 - 1450
The Lighthouse Hospital project: influencing equity in health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients through a sustainable quality improvement approach. Annie Campbell, Daniel James
1450 - 1510
Sharing my lived experience of psychosis: 'Patient porn' or potent advocacy technique? Stephanie Ewart
1510 - 1530
The eureka project: reflecting on latent occupational disease in an ex-mining community in South Africa Janine Allen-Spies
Understanding disaster recovery as an interplay between individual and community level factors Lisa Gibbs Active travel for all Australian school-aged children - catalysing policy action Lyn Roberts, Rohan Greenland, Rosemary Calder Unhappy hours: Tackling alcohol-related domestic violence Angela Taft, Ingrid Wilson, Anne-marie Laslett, Robin Room The Symposium: Experiences and Challenges on Global School Health Coordinated and Promotion Programs Noy Kay 
1342-1354 Longitudinal trends in bodyweight amongst immigrants to Australia Karen Menigoz Implementing innovative evidence-based perinatal mental health screening for refugee women Suzanne Willey Separate collection of plastic waste in rural China: a comparison between two dong-ethnic minority villages Tony Ka Chun Yung Individual and neighbourhood factors influencing modern contraceptive use among urban Nigerian women Alhaji A Aliyu Disparities and trends in hospitalisations for sepsis Timothy Ore Organizational culture and quality management at a Thai public health institute Vallerut Pobkeeree A swimming success: developing a child drowning prevention television campaign Justine Leavy Job stress in young adults is associated with a range of poorer health behaviours Seana Gall Rapid weight gain and obesity at age 7 in urban Australian aboriginal children: the Gudaga Cohort Emma Elcombe Assessment of the Tuberculosis burden and evaluation of service delivery, Western Sydney local health district Laila Parvaresh An overview of abuse- related deaths of older Australians, 2001-2015 Briohny Kennedy Supporting workplaces to invest in the health and wellbeing of staff- what have we learnt? Catherine Hodgens A framework for understanding the impact of population-wide health policies on inequalities in health across socioeconomic and sociodemographic subgroups Kathryn Backholer
1354-1406 Profile of older Chinese people with arthritis and predictors of arthritis management: a nationally-representative survey Wenbo Peng I'm not a vet! the ageing female athlete and challenges for their mental health Kirsty Forsdike-Young Public health approaches to criminal offending: assessing the extent policymakers are influenced by informed community views Paul Simpson Women without children: stigma, stereotyping and social exclusion Melissa Graham High prevalence, poor awareness and suboptimal management of diabetes and hypertension in india: findings from a large community-based study, Uday Sailesh Mohan The prevalence and determinants of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine provider use among adults from 32 countries Supa Pengpid The challenges of preventing river drowning Amy E Peden Examining farm and community injuries at a regional hospital in Victoria, Australia Muhammad Aziz Rahman Factors underlying the elevated prevalence of high psychological distress in older Aboriginal compared to non-Aboriginal Australians Bridgette McNamara Special interventions for reaching the urban poor with TB services in Dhaka, Bangladesh Md Akramul Islam Social isolation among the elderly: a public health issue? Christina Severinsen Engaging through the heart and soul of the people Lyn Dimer Vision, voices, action: working towards equity in health promotion Anna Whelan
1406-1418 Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a cardiovascular risk prediction algorithm for people with severe mental illness Ella Zomer Depressive symptoms and antidepressant use in older Australian women: results from an Australian community-based study Berihun M Zeleke Insights into using citizens' juries to influence policy and practice Lyn Roberts 'Nudging' women toward their breast screen Matthew Scanlon Public health investigation into seven patients with possible Endotoxin poisoning following infusion of Glutathione Emma Quinn Factors influencing women's preference for health facility deliveries in india: a cross sectional analysis Sanghita Bhattacharyya The photovoice project; remote Aboriginal swimming pool research Stephanie Enkel, Lauren Nimmo Healthier workplace WA - implementation and evaluation of a state-wide workplace health promotion program 2012 - 2016 Natalie Quinn Starting a conversation about gambling in Aboriginal communities Dea Morgain, Chantelle McGuinness Spatial distribution of tuberculosis in Nigeria and its socioeconomic correlates Olusoji Daniel Anxiety in later life: improving the well-being of older Australians Danny Hills A multimillion dollar contribution to preventative health. heart foundation walking volunteer walk organisers Tara Henderson Aboriginal heart health in WA: implications for policy, practice and research Sandra Thompson
1418-1430   Enhancing screening for mental health problems in the population Phil Batterham Engaging with remote indigenous communities in Australia about their higher education aspirations: what have we learned? James Smith, Whole of Community Engagement Team Trends in the incidence and mortality of Endometrial Cancer in New Zealand from 1996-2012 Oliver Scott Medical specialist distribution in a large private hospital network in Thailand Nantana Suppapitnarm Psychosocial burden of care among relatives of patients attending palliative care unit of Ahmadu Bello University teaching hospital Zaria, Nigeria Muhammad Bello Garba Risk factors for unintentional fatal drowning among older people in Australia Amy E Peden Industries leading workplace health: what does it look like and how will it be evaluated? Nadia Mastersson Navigating the ethics of a large, multi-site health promotion project in an indigenous health context Nikki Percival Patients' centered approach for Tuberculosis case notification and improved treatment success rate: Brac experience Shayla Islam 'Dying well': the risk of death in respite care compared to permanent care Melissa Willoughby Innovative transformation of local places for physical activity Rayoni Nelson, Vanessa Phillips Innovating for health equity Leanne Carlon
1430-1442 A pilot study for screening diabetes in the oral health setting Stacey Law History of psychiatric hospitalisation and acute health service contact after prison release: a prospective cohort study. Jesse Young Using narrative data to support consumer partnership in an act obesity management service Sarah Spiller The predominant reason why women in Indonesia to be heavy smoker: a secondary data analysis of Indonesia family life health survey (IFLS) 2014 Renie Cuyno Mellen Hospital discharge recidivism, an examination of the effects in: New Zealand, USA and Sweden Ashley Burrowes Medicare and the chamber of secrets: analyzing the legal and administrative complexities of Australian medical billing under Medicare Margaret Faux Reducing drownings among cald, refugee and migrant communities; swim and survive Jessica Cruikshank, Lauren Nimmo Health and safety issues encountered by female workers in the garment industry in Bangladesh Sadika Akhter Building reconciliation in Atlantic Canada: indigenizing pathways in nursing education Zaida Rahaman Contact screening and expanding childhood tb diagnosis and treatment of TB in Bangladesh. Shayla Islam The relationship between grip strength, gait speed and health in older adults in low and middle-income countries? Steven Bowe Exposure to low concentrations of air pollution and non-fatal-hospitalized stroke, fatal stroke and all-cause mortality Jane Heyworth Fifteen years of Foodbank WA's school breakfast program - moving beyond food relief Miranda Chester
1442-1454     Health champions Latrobe: successful systems activation through capacity building, networking and community engagement Nikki Visser Factors influencing adoption or rejection of a cervical self-sampling program in Kenya Irene Podolak Barriers and enablers affecting patient adherence to physiotherapist-prescribed self-management strategies Kerry Peek The who safe hospital initiative: applying the revised global tool in four hospitals in the Philippines Alistair Humphrey Survival skills for seniors: an aquatics and health promotion project for seniors Rhiannon Birch Lessons from the evaluation of the implementation of a large scale workplace health promotion program Santosh Khanal Exploring cultural secure service availability for Aboriginal children and families in Western Australia Lina Gubhaju Tuberculosis and worker's rights: scoping the policy landscape in the Philippines Carl Abelardo Antonio Older American Indians' perspectives on health, arthritis, and physical activity: implications for adapting evidence-based interventions Kathleen Conte Fresh tastes: taking a strengths-based approach to influence the food and drink environment in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) primary schools Nicole Coyles A network approach to achieving equity in health outcomes Phil Light
1454-1506 A new Cardiovascular disease risk model using historical repeated predictors in electronic health records Ellie Paige The experiences of trans young people in Australia accessing mental health and medical services Penelope Strauss Less plans, more collaborative action: evaluation of hume region integrated health promotion strategy Lee Coller, Renata Spiller Health and work of kindergarten principals: impact of menopausal symptoms on kindergarten management Heesoo Yoon Extra cost attributable to chronic care in Australian hospitals Michael Hart Determinants of household hunger in a lake sub-watershed area in the Philippines Amiel Nazer Bermudez Taking a public health approach to drowning 'prevention' Richard Franklin Food and fibre for us, workplace injury for them - a public health challenge. Susan Brumby   Diagnostic and treatment delays in Tuberculosis: a cross-sectional study from Chandigarh, India Manmeet Kaur Public perceptions of dementia and generational differences Simon Biggs Urban green space interventions: can the science of microbiomes be used to write a global prevention at scale prescription? Chris Skelly The relationship between medical tourism and health inequity: commercialisation, mobility and hospital(ity) in India Kristen Smith
1506-1518 A programme of lifestyle intervention in families for cardiovascular risk reduction (prolific study): design and rationale of a family based randomized controlled trial in individuals with family history of premature coronary heart disease Panniyammakal Jeemon Prevention of postpartum common mental disorders using a psychoeducational program for couples and babies Jane Fisher Measuring and evaluating of a place-based system level intervention on health and education: Growing Brimbank Rosemary Calder   A critical review of health promotion competencies within dentistry Stacey Bracksley-O'Grady Performance of computer coded verbal autopsy in identifying causes of adult mortality Rajesh Kumar Slsa personal protective equipment (PPE) project- development of the Level 25 Lifejacket Shane Daw       Outcomes of a physical activity and nutrition cluster randomised controlled trial in retirement villages, in Perth Western Australia Jonine Jancey Coping with the heat - mismatch between preconceptions and reality Liz Hanna Unlocking hidden inequities in cardiovascular disease: mapping heart-related hospital admissions across Australia Jane Potter
1518-1530   The use of herbal medicine by adults with anxiety: a critical exploration of health behaviour Erica McIntyre       Population health planning and partnership: comparison between Medicare locals and primary health networks in Australia Sara Javanparast         Communicating healthy ageing messages to older Australians - what do older people value? Carolyn Loton, Claire Dyson   Reducing infant mortality in Colombia. efficiency or equity? Marta Jaramillo-Mejia            
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea
Session WLD10 WLD11 WLD12 Oral Session 52 Oral Session 53 Oral Session 54 Oral Session 55 Oral Session 56 Oral Session 57 Oral Session 58 Oral Session 59 Oral Session 60 Oral Session 61 Oral Session 62 Oral Session 63 Panel 14 Workshop 11 Panel 15 Workshop 12 Panel 16 Workshop 13   Panel 17
Theme       Non-Communicable disease Mental health Citizens, community and stakeholders Women's health Health promotion Child health Prevention Workplace health Falls prevention Healthy public policy Capturing information Public health interventions                
1600-1612 Nature is good medicine  Islam and Public Health Suicide Prevention in Frist Nations people The projected healthcare costs of Arthritis in Australia to the year 2030 Ilana Ackerman The relationship between psychoses and offending in New South Wales, Australia: a data-linkage study: implications for mental health policy development Armita Adily   15 year trajectories of sitting time are associated with depressive symptoms in young women Paul Gardiner Celebrating the Wahakura: weaving a health intervention Lisa McNAB The kids in communities study: does neighbourhood design make a difference to early child development? Karen Villanueva Accountability and action for chronic disease prevention in Australia Rosemary Calder Case conferencing for return to work: who gets it and when? Miriam Marembo Social dancing and incidence of falls in older adults- a cluster randomised controlled trial Dafna Merom Social imaginaries and institutional order(s): a four-country analysis of intersectoral governance of tobacco Raphael Lencucha Health intelligence is not what it used to be Chris Skelly Long-term effect of mass drug administration for scabies control in fiji: experience from the shift trial Lucia Romani Public health Journal Editors John Lowe Global Tools for Policymakers and Civil Society to Promote Improved Population Health Willetta Waisath  Using technological approaches to promote health across the life-course Karen Campbell  The role of public health professionals in advocating for policy change: a case study Fiona Armstrong  Advocacy for health: Politics power and practiceMichael Moore Digital Leadership 'Bootcamp' for Public Health Professionals & Advocates Zach Langway    The WA LiveLighter Healthy Weight and Lifestyle Campaign: Development, Evaluation and Policy Advocacy Efforts Belinda Morley
1612-1624 Screening for familial hypercholestrolaemia: engaging the public in policy direction Karla Lister Comparing time off work after work-related mental health conditions across australian workers' compensation systems: a retrospective cohort study Shannon Gray Sustainability through partnerships foodbank wa's service delivery model for food literacy programs Christal Houghton Making the taken-for-granted visible: Ecofeminism and health promotion Valerie Kay Act-belong-commit youth connectors: developing a mentally healthy peer education program for young Aussies Sarah Graham A state-wide approach to reducing childhood overweight and obesity in NSW, Australia Jo Mitchell Factors influencing evidence-based prevention in Australia, Brazil, China and the United States Rebecca Armstrong Smoking and sick leave in Brazilian workers Fabiana Rabacow Does self-assessed quality of life predict incidence of falls in older adults? the results of a cluster randomized controlled trial Gregory Armbruster Elusive implementation: an ethnographic study of intersectoral policymaking for health Ditte Holt   Evaluation of a well-being campaign following a natural disaster in Christchurch, New Zealand Kristi Calder, Sue Turner, Ciaran Fox
1624-1636 Effects of physical activity and body mass index on cardiovascular risk in older australian women Kaman Li Goodyarn: enabling farming communities to talk about mental health Paula Randall Social health & inclusion port: creating social connections in Port Melbourne David Godden E-health for women: a web tool designed to inform women of individualized health recommendations Keren Greenberg Is the use of yoga and meditation associated with a healthy lifestyle? results of a national cross-sectional survey of 28,695 Australian women Romy Lauche Unhygienic practices, poor sanitation, and lack of water supply elevate diarrhoea risk among Indonesian children Sri Irianti Health impact assessment: assessing a local government planning proposal using four determinants of diabetes prevention Amanda Eaton, Colleen O'Rourke Perceptions regarding generic drug use among physicians in Rims hospital, Imphal: a qualitative study Shanthosh Priyan S Cost-benefit analysis of fall injuries prevented by a programme of home modification Michael Keall Integrated planning for healthy cities: a model for strengthening urban governance Melanie Lowe Extending the Epidemiological imagination through qualitative research Greer Dawson Tobacco, alcohol and gambling industry funding of research at Australian universities and medical research institutes Kypros Kypri
1636-1648 The burden of non-communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa: results from the 2015 global burden of disease Hebe Gouda Differential item functioning in the vitality and mental health subscales of the SF-36 among the german adult population Patrick Brzoska Making fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) history: community and research partnerships in remote Western Australia Kaashifah Bruce, Roz Walker, June Councillor Impact of a health promotion intervention on the health knowledge and behaviors of female ultra-Orthodox Jewish teachers Keren Greenberg The effect of a blended care lifestyle intervention on participation in health promotion activities in employees at risk for cardiovascular disease: results from the perfectfit cluster-randomized trial Tessa Kouwenhoven-Pasmooij Kids'cam Tonga: the world of tongan children through their eyes Louise Signal Living with uncertainty: behind the scenes of prevention tracker Therese Riley Human resources for health trends in the Gulf cooperative council countries: trends, opportunities and challenges Mohamad Alameddine Program outcomes of a community-based falls prevention intervention delivered in culturally and linguistically diverse populations Vincy Li Increasing the use of research in policy agencies: what works? Gabriel Moore Monitoring the implementation of the nutrition, health and related claims standard in Australia: what changes have occurred? Wendy Watson Health messages during the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak: a qualitative review Patricia Schwerdtle
1648-1700 Cancer in the Solomon Islands Cassandra Vujovich-Dunn The abc of mental health: a universal mental health promoting programme Vibeke Koushede From information giving to information receiving: listening to the needs of the consumers Christine Morris Enhancing male participation in women's health issues: actions and results Vidyadhar Bangal Health and lifestyle choices of students attending an urban university in the United Kingdom Susan Powell Changes to knowledge and confidence of early childhood education and care staff on healthy eating and physical activity guidelines: results from the leaps project (learning, eating, active play, sleep) Helen Vidgen Australia perceptions of prevention: findings from a national survey Anne Grunseit Physical workload and occupational accidents: a hospital based case-control study João Marcos Bernardes Function, health related quality of life and cost after injury in a city of North India: a multi site cohort study Jagnoor Jagnoor Is the glass half-full or half-empty? evaluation of a public-private partnership in deprived communities, Denmark Charlotte Demant Klinker A big data analytics using time-dependent likelihood-based method to accelerate investigations of foodborne illness outbreak Kun Hu Gambling with freedom: how an innovative public health initiative in prisons is inspiring change from the inside Gerhart Berking
1700-1712 Cnmi ncd hybrid survey - pilot project Rebecca Robles, Haley Cash Poor mental health among 30-49-year-olds attending health checks Christine Ladegaard Geyti Cultural engagement - why is it relevant? Pesio Ah-Honi Siitia Determinants of screening mammography use among Lebanese women Salim Adib Achieving health promotion in gymnastics through organisational change Amy Carrad An empirical study of children's use of complementary medicine: towards a critical public health perspective Jane Frawley Is salt reduction working? process evaluation of multi-faceted interventions in Fiji and Samoa Jacqui Webster Work loss duration and predictors following rectal cancer treatment among patients with and without pre-diagnostic work loss Lingjing Chen Development and implementation of a fall prevention program for older Aboriginal people Rebecca Ivers, Julieann Coombes The Victorian active ageing partnership - moving to a systems approach to increase participation of older Victorians in physical activity Sarah Yallop The prevalence of malaria in children 0-11 years in Twon-Brass, Nigeria Doris Dotimi Applying a public health framework to preventing intentional deaths among nursing home residents. Briony Murphy
1712-1724 Projecting the future burden of Opioid use for Osteoarthritis in Australia Ella Zomer Prevalence of psychological distress and depression among patients with chronic kidney disease in Sri Lanka Sameera Senanayake Youth engagement strategy & youth action plan Curtis Delorme The societal burden of Endometriosis-associated symptoms: a prospective French study Omar Kanj, Michel Canis, Laurent Gerbaud, Martine Audibert, Cong Tri Thuong A developmental evaluation of the New South Wales get healthy at work initiative Bev Lloyd   Hospitalisation of remote indigenous Australian children: the potential for prevention Philippa Dossetor Musicians' musculoskeletal symptoms: an under-recognised public health problem Jessica Stanhope Is pilates a feasible form of exercise to decrease falls risk in older community-dwelling people? a pilot randomised controlled trial Jason Talevski Estimating the impact of sugar-sweetened beverage price increases on beverage purchasing behaviour by socioeconomic position Miranda Blake Achieving equity in measurement: ensuring measurement equivalence across social levels and disabilities in the development of the information and support for health actions questionnaire (ISHAQ) Roy Batterham Tsunami: the ultimate guide - a collaborative approach to online community education and disaster resilience Sarah Anderson
1724-1736 Outcome modelling of modifiable risk factors for Cardiovascular disease in Western Australia and policy implications Jelena Maticevic Newaccess: a new low-intensity option meeting the needs of men with depression and anxiety Bronwyn Hall Translating research on liveability into the practice and planning of healthy communities: a case study example Melanie Davern Nutritional life-story and late-life health of older women Irja Haapala Partnering with businesses to support a healthier food environment Erica Nixon   Health promotion from scratch - the Victorian responsible gambling foundation's local prevention program Manu Peeters, Alice Dunt The burden of work disability in Australia: analysis of national workerscompensation claims data Alex Collie Respond a patient-centred program to prevent secondary falls in fallers presenting to the ed: a multi-centre RCT Anna Barker Applying systems thinking in a study of regional health promotion policy and practice in South Australia Lori Baugh Littlejohns Analysis of food and childcare services intake among readymade garment workers in Bangladesh Md. Lenin Khan A tool for evaluating public health capacity building interventions Louise van Herwerden
1736-1748 How does Rheumatic fever affect the heart? Alison Leversha When it comes to mental health promotion, there's a lot more said than done. A lot more Rob Donovan, Sarah Graham, Julia Anwar-Henry Engaging the consumer to improve quality of healthcare service Ingy Shafei   Health Star Rating - the more stars, the healthier the choice Jenny Taylor   Grinding against prevention discourse: a critical exploration of risk among users of mobile gay cruising apps Mathew Numer Watching the train wreck - why are we still failing to prevent occupational injury and disease? Stephen Young   Public health, regulation and Dementia care: clustering and the organisation of social space' Simon Biggs    
1748-1800 Public health, Cardiovascular and Diabetes risk among Australian farmers Susan Brumby Post-release suicide: a retrospective case-control of service contacts by ex-prisoners who suicide in Victoria, 2009-2013 Melissa Willoughby   Do women use herbal medicine have a healthy lifestyle? a national survey of Australian women Wenbo Peng     Cancer screening participation and multidimensional health literacy in a large rural area Alison Beauchamp Workplace aggression in australian clinical medical practice: a significant occupational and public health concern Danny Hills Falls not fall injuries: the real drivers of hospital cost-analyses of in-hospital falls Renata Morello A novel approach to enhancing healthy food provision policies using criteria based on the australian dietary guidelines and a front-of-pack labelling system Ruth Chesser                    
1900-2300 Congress Party