Program – Thursday 6 April 2017

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  Plenary 4 - Action to Improve the Public's Health                                          
0830-9000 Pathways to health equity in the Asia Pacific RegionDr Young-Soo Shin                                          
0900-0930  Achievements, challenges and threats to the Brazilian universal health systemLuis Eugenio de Souza                                          
0930-1000 Violence against women: an urgent health priority Claudia Garcia Moreno                                           
1000-1030 New roles for public health in a globalized world Dr Rudiger Krech                                          
1030-1100 Morning Tea  
Session       Oral Session 89 Oral Session 90 Oral Session 91 Oral Session 92 Oral Session 93 Oral Session 94 Oral Session 95 Oral Session 96 Oral Session 97 Oral Session 98 Oral Session 99 Oral Session 100 Panel 26 Workshop 24 Panel 27 Workshop 25 Panel 28 Panel 29 Workshop 26
Theme       Food, nutrition and physical activity  Workplace health Risk assessmet and surveilliance Maternal health Tobacco control Built environments Digital and social media Women's health and comestic Surgery Climate change Health care  Gender equity Drowning              
1100-1112       You wouldn't eat 16 teaspoons of sugar - so why drink it? community response to the Aboriginal rethink sugary drink advertisement Robyn Delbridge, Keith Morgan Workplace walking challenges- are they affective in creating sustainable behaviour change? Catherine Hodgens Strengthening institutional capacities for health security through multi-hazard health risk assessment: the experience of the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa Salanieta Taka Saketa United states infant mortality rates lag behind other developed countries: what needs to be done? Deborah Walker Using nicotine mouth spray for highly tobacco dependent people in an isolated community in New Zealand Anura Jayasinghe Built environment standards and codes development policy implementations: public health practice challenges and achievements James Chauvin Investigating the financial relationships of top-rated health and fitness apps Quinn Grundy Factors associated with educational mobility in mid-age Australian women Leigh Tooth Perceptions of malaria control and prevention in an era of climate change: a cross-sectional survey among cdc staff in China Michael Xiaoliang Tong Guiding high quality PCI outcomes in Victoria: the Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry (VCOR) Diem Dinh, Christopher Reid Gender differences in regular exercise behavior and related factors among Taiwanese adults Hsin-Yu Mao Strategies for drowning prevention: From swimming skill to water competence Jennifer Blitvich Victorian public policy for public health outcomes VIC DHHS Using a pragmatic approach to the evaluation of complex population health programs Adrian Bauman  Healthy Food Retailing Interventions in Rural and Remote Community Stores: An Interactive Canada-Australia Catherine Mah  Interactive Exercise On Unfamiliar Infection Outbreak Investigation - What's Much More than Epidemiology Pui Hong Chung  Gender, Interpersonal Violence and Global Mental Health Jane Fisher  The integration of health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace - what works? Nerida Joss  Advancing women's leadership in global health: An interactive workshop for men and women Roopa Dhatt 
1112-1124       Early childhood dietary intake: the influence of caregiver experiences and choices within the food environment Erin Pitt Feasibility of a workplace health promotion program in an Australian mine site. Vinod Gopaldasani Improving representativeness of population health surveys using a dual frame Cati approach Felix Acker Community based intervention package for improved maternal and newborn health Zohra Lassi Sustainability of outdoor school ground smoking bans at secondary schools: a mixed method study Andrea Rozema The lifetime cost-effectiveness of preventing skin cancer through shade construction in schools Ryan Gage Parenting apps: Chinese mothers' view Jing Zhao The labia library: a public health initiative to increase awareness of female genital diversity Alexandra James Compounding inequity: indigenous health and the illusion of climate change adaptation Devin Bowles Physiotherapist-led physical activity interventions are efficacious at increasing physical activity levels: a systematic review and meta-analysis Breanne E Kunstler The prevalence of elder abuse and its impacts Charles Waldegrave
1124-1136       Factors influencing implementation of school food and nutrition policies: a scoping review Rebecca Spencer Keeping calm and carrying on: outcomes from a mindfulness meditation program promoting workplace health Elizabeth Vella Breast cancer risk assessment in Hong Kong Josette Sin-Yee Chor Unwanted pregnancy and mother's behaviour on antenatal care and child immunisation status in Indonesia: analysis of demographic health survey 2012 Pandu Riono A rapid review of the evidence on health promotion interventions for reducing water pipe smoking: implications for practice Myna Hua Geographic variation in physical activity to enhance health in Sydney, Australia Darren Mayne New roots: digital strategies to promote mental health and wellbeing among newly-arrived refugee men in Australia Tadgh McMahon, Andrew Thorp Characteristics of women who have had or considered having genital cosmetic surgery in Australia: results from a national survey Karalyn McDonald Protecting public health through sustainability in healthcare Carol Behne Hourly associations between heat and ambulance calls Yuming Guo Unpacking gender dynamics within a health system: a case study of Afghanistan Maisam Najafizada
1136-1148       Sodium intake assessment in a sample of austrlaian pre-school children attending long day care Siobhan O'Halloran Taking a multi-organisational approach to improve healthy eating in workplaces Kate Wilkinson Injury surveillance in the Cook Islands Josephine Herman Positional plagiocephaly reduces parental adherence to sids guidelines and inundates the health system Alexandra Martiniuk An international first: pre and post-release smoking cessation support for Victorians transitioning from smokefree prisons Nathan Jilich Developing a policy-relevant liveability index for the australian urban context Carl Higgs Short and sweet: spatio-temporal visualization of Filipino health tweets Kennedy Espina Representations of women's genitals and female genital cosmetic surgery on Australian medical websites Maggie Kirkman The carbon tax - a New Zealand perspective Gail Duncan      
1148-1200       The university as a setting to promote healthy and sustainable food environments Heather Yeatman Musculoskeletal symptoms and occupational accidents: a hospital based case-control study João Marcos Bernardes Flutracking influenza surveillance pyramid estimates, 2012-2015, Australia Sandra Carlson Nangnak Baban Murrup Jennifer Fielding, Michelle Hawke, Zoe Lock, Jodie Lovett, Joanne Pappas Impact of larger graphic health warnings on conventional and plain tobacco packs in India Nathan Grills Responding to challenges faced when advocating for improvements in built environment safety standards and codes Peter Johnson A formative research to design an effective mobile phone based nutrition behaviour change communication (BCC) intervention to improve maternal and child nutrition Wajiha Khatun Women's personal constructions of genital cosmetic surgery: insights from in-depth interviews Maggie Kirkman Delivering climate policy change through health sector engagement Fiona Armstrong      
1200-1212       Improving implementation of evidence-based obesity prevention policies and practices in childcare services: findings from a series of rcts conducted by the Hunter New England population health research group John Wiggers The influence of body mass index on health care costs in Brazilian workers Fabiana Rabacow The university student health and wellbeing survey: test-retest reliability within a large Australian University undergraduate student population Catrina Wold Australasian maternity outcomes surveillance system - impact on research and outcomes of rare conditions in pregnancy Elizabeth Sullivan Health professional and consumer perceptions of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for smoking cessation Emma Dean Hazards in the home: economics of preventing injury in fires and stairway/bathroom falls Ted Miller Mobile health apps for PCOS: improving womens access to knowledge and self-care Jacqueline Boyle A feminist history of public health advocacy in Canada through the lens of the Canadian public health association, 1910-present Kelsey Lucyk Planetary-scale ecological threats to health: understanding barriers to action Devin Bowles      
1212-1224       A wake-up call for physical activity promotion in australia: survey of nursing and allied health professionals. Danny Hills   Paediatric active enhanced disease surveillance (paeds): a model system to examine serious childhood conditions Kristine Macartney Recent trends in newborn health practices and mortality: evidence from Bangladesh demographic and health survey Tasnima Akter Choking supply of a product that kills 2 out of 3 long term users Kylie Lindorff   Process evaluation of the milk man mobile app: a breastfeeding app for fathers Becky White          
1230-1330 Lunch  
Session WLD19 WLD20 WLD21 Oral Session 101 Oral Session 102 Oral Session 103 Oral Session 104 Oral Session 105 Oral Session 106 Oral Session 107 Oral Session 108 Oral Session 109 Oral Session 110 Oral Session 111 Oral Session 112 Panel 30 Workshop 26 Panel 31 Storytelling Session 4 Panel 37 Panel 32 Workshop 27
Theme       Food and nutrition Health workforce Communities and environments Maternal health Alcohol and other drugs Vulnerable populations Gender equity Adolescent health Communicable disease Food and nutrition Indigenous and First Nations Health Men's health              
1330-1342 Global migration and health Young Professionals and the Future of Public Health Can we end the global tuberculosis epidemic by 2030? Progress evaluation for the restaurant industry's use of choice-architecture strategies to nudge Americans toward healthy food environments, 2006-2016 Vivica Kraak Mentorship of health personnel to improve quality of care in low and middle income countries: a scoping review Patricia Schwerdtle Inequities of food access and obesity risk in urban Melbourne: opportunities for urban planning policy Maureen Murphy The feasibility and effectiveness of a novel mhealth intervention for promoting healthy infant feeding practices: the growing healthy program Rachel Laws How do people who stop or reduce their alcohol consumption incorporate this within social rituals? Ashlea Bartram Investigating the impact of a pride game on attitudes towards lgbtiq communities Matthew Nicholson Gender differences and women's barriers in accessing diabetes care: a systematic review Neethu Suresh Social responsibility of health professional education schools towards promotion of adolescent health Vidyadhar Bangal Salmonella Bovismorbificans associated with desserts consumed at aged care facilities in New South Wales, Australia Simon Willcox Mixed methods research methodology to explore a wicked health problem - food insecurity Sue Kleve Towards a comprehensive approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco control (CATS) Emily Banks Men making meals - an innovative approach to improving male health in remote central Australia Katherine Cacavas, David Hanley Advancing the Critical Public Health of Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Health Care John Adams The Power of Parallel Process - Modelling Health Positive Values in Workforce Capacity Building Colin Stokes  Social Counter-marketing: map for a new generation of activism and notes from the field William Bellew 1330 - 1350
More than Talk: achievements from a research partnership for action in Aboriginal health Sandra Thompson, Charmaine Green, Lenny Papertalk, Samantha Bentink, Dawn Bessarab
1350 - 1410
Our images and our stories: using photovoice to explore refugee women's perspectives of settlement in Australia Jaya Dantas
1410 - 1430
Yarning Circle - healing from the history of medical incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Melissa Sweet, Kathleen Musulin, Bob Dorey
1430 - 1450
Comprehensive Community-Based Initiatives to tackle NCDs - Diabetes Care at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Sarah Gelbart, Mandy Williamson, Shelley Williams
Leaving No One Behind: Advocating for Health as the Key to Achieve the SDGs Tony Yung, Fran Baum, Alistair Humphrey The Global Charter for the Public Health - Implications for Governance of the Health Workforce in Brazil, India, China and South Africa Waasila Jassat The Sustainable Development Goals: A vehicle for Public Health Action Louise Signal 
1342-1354 Health and sales impact of going soft-drink free in YMCA Victoria Aquatic and Recreation Centres Tara Boelsen-Robinson Upskilling young scientists in research methods Basia Diug Does the social environment explain between-neighbourhood variation in the gender and recreational walking relationship? Fatima Ghani 'Care around birth' strategy: an integrated approach to improve quality of care Rajeev Gera Drug use, injecting and associated risk behaviours among Australian prison entrants 2004-2016 Melanie Simpson, Azar Kariminia, Tony Butler Deaths in young people involved in the youth justice system: a retrospective data linkage study Stuart Kinner A feminist approach to health promotion: the value and impact of the Victorian women's health services Mischa Barr, Selena Gillham Trend analysis of the prevalence of repeated pregnancy among adolescents in the Philippines from 1993-2013: a population-based study Joemer Maravilla HIV- post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) access project by Sid Kaladharan, project officer, HIVFQ Sid Kaladharan The approach for healthy school canteens in NSW Kym Buffett The outcomes from reforming clinical services at congress in alice springs to better meet the complex, continuing care needs of Aboriginal people John Boffa, Donna Ah Chee  
1354-1406 Determinants of knowledge and attitudes and its association with sugar intake among adults: systematic review Adyya Gupta Understanding the role of Australian Aboriginal maternal infant care workers: the invisible challenges Renae Kirkham Ambient particulate matter and emergency ambulance dispatches in Southeastern Australia, 2009-2014 Fay Johnston An example of public health genomics: population-wide preconception carrier screening Karla Lister Public awareness and misunderstanding about drinkwise Australia: implications for alcohol harm reduction Emily Brennan Dual diagnosis and traumatic injury soon after prison release: a prospective cohort study Jesse Young Perception of virginity loss: a gift, stigma or process? Jacqueline Gun Evidence based adolescent nutrition interventions: systematic review Zohra Lassi Longitudinal analysis of change in individual-levels of needle and syringe coverage in a cohort of people who inject drugs Daniel O'Keefe Factors associated with adults' perceived benefits of and barriers to healthy eating and physical activity Denise Laughlin Better understanding our clients to deliver culturally safe and appropriate services to Indigenous people Martin Laverty The impact of homeless men's use of city spaces on their wellbeing Warren Nairn
1406-1418 Comparative cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve school canteen implementation of a healthy canteen policy Kathryn Reilly A longitudinal study in professional re-formation: mapping career trajectories into the field of public health Lois Meyer Street vending in india; food security, vulnerability, and resilience Fiona McKay Hospital-based prevalence of pregnancy-related complications, course of labour and background characteristics of women who gave birth in selected health facilities in Rwanda Jean Paul Semasaka Sengoma Alcohol and soda consumption of university students in Manila Alexi Colleen Lim Sexual assault amongst nursing home residents, within Victoria, since 2000 Daisy Smith   Are the adolescents at the risk of cardio-vascular diseases? : a community based cross sectional study from bihar, India Pragya Kumar Overview of communicable disease outbreak modeling for dengue, measles and typhoid: a case study on the Philippines Ma. Regina Justina Estuar Experts' views of the best strategies to improve school-learvers knowledge of nutrition and foods systems (N&FS) in Australia and Iran Sanaz Sadegholvad Indigenous peoples and diabetes: a priority for public health Helda Pinzon-Perez Does gender inequity increase the risk of poorer self-rated health in men? a multilevel analysis of united states data Shane Kavanagh
1418-1430 A spoon full of sugar makes the taxes go up Melissa Stoneham Nurses' attitudes complementary medicine; a systematic review Helen Hall Water fluoridation: a contest of control Kirsten Westwood Reducing infant mortality associated with unsafe sleep environments: a culturally acceptable strategy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities Jeanine Young Constructions of alcohol consumption among non-problematised middle aged drinkers: a South Australian study. Emma Muhlack Qualitative analysis of homelessness & natural disasters: expanding the role of ngos with an all-people plan Samuel Brookfield Innovative approaches to advancing gender equality in sport participation Shelley White What will it take for all children and adolescents living with ncds to fulfil their basic human rights to health and life? Kate Armstrong Integral role of responsible pet ownership program in effective elimination of Rabies in the Philippines Monaliz Nagrampa Nutritional composition of new food products - are manufacturers part of the solution? Julie Woods Next generation: exploring the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal adolescents and young people Lina Gubhaju, Roxanne Highfold, Ricky Mentha Socioeconomic disadvantage and young mens health in Australia - individual and area-level influences Dallas English
1430-1442 Dietary patterns and diet scores in the Tasmanian older adult cohort study: a factor analysis Hoa Hong Nguyen Putting the politics in public health: a case study of the Australian prevention 1st campaign Amy Ferguson Do socioeconomic factors affect the cold-related symptoms subtropical city? - the case of Hong Kong Zhe Huang Birthplace in Australia: processes of referral and transfer from planned homebirth to hospital Deborah Fox Prevalence and pattern of psychoactive substance use among female students aged 18-25 years in colleges/universities of North India Rajesh Kumar Dislocated and stigmatised: a mixed-method exploration of loneliness amongst the homeless Marlee Bower Child marriage - a public health danger Tahera Ahmed Teens improve health-related behaviours through educating their peers Bridget Foley Q fever in an occupational setting: a preventable public health challenge Heidi Lord Investigating fast food children's meals 5 years on: have there been any improvements? Wendy Watson Fall-related injury hospitalisations for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Caroline Lukaszyk Masculinity perception, risk-taking behavior and health outcomes: a mixed method study among queensland male residents. Adeyinka Adegbosin
1442-1454 Healthy choices at Latrobe leisure - successfully translating nutritional guidelines into practice in community sporting facilities Nikki Visser Perceptions and practices of skilled and traditional birth attendants serving semi-nomadic pastoralist communities in Kenya Michelle Kermode Describing what the practice of environmental health is: a phenomenographic approach Louise Dunn Maternal health-seeking behaviour; a qualitative research project Robyn Johnston Adolescent and parent agreement on alcohol-related parenting and associations with alcohol use Conor Gilligan Student drinking in Iraq: a changing context Mustafa Al Ansari The evaluation of a brief relationship education program for new first time parents Ann Taket Small grants for youth services: an equity approach to support sustainable healthy behaviours Ada Yap Causative agents of neonatal infections in Una-Sana Canton Faris Kadic   Equitable outcomes from breast screening: indigenous women from Aotearoa / New Zealand Bridget Robson Coaching to support men in making informed choices about prostate cancer screening Dragan Ilic
1454-1506 A true value analysis of local food in the UK Juliet Wiseman Building the population health workforce: outcomes of the nsw biostatistics training program, 2000-2016 Dawn Arneman Water fluoridation in Victoria Helen Oates Yarning about breastfeeding: a strength-based approach to promoting breastfeeding in Victorian Aboriginal communities Mikaela Egan, Catherine MacDonald Predictors of alcohol use disorders among young adults: a systematic review of longitudinal studies Ivete Meque, Kim Betts, Rosa Alati Zika underscores importance of disability rights - are families and communities prepared? Deborah Walker   Why are the adolescents of today in many high-income countries less likely to smoke, drink, take drugs or have sexual intercourse than those of the 1990s? Jude Ball Zoonosis: a global threat to humans Stephanie Baiyasi Experts agree on australian public health food and nutrition advocacy priorities Christina Pollard Indigenous New Zealanders experiences of institutional racism in public health units, a Kaupapa Maori study Emma Rawson  
1506-1518 Eating our words - a national healthy food and drink policy for the health sector Harriette Carr Utas cares: partnerships for education and the environment Elizabeth Shannon Increasing the supply, access and promotion of free drinking water Sonya Stanley, Lukar Thornton Maternal health services in eritrea: a qualitative exploration of perspectives of women, men, health care providers and decision makers Chol S Chol Cannabis use during pregnancy: what do we know? Jason Gurney Establishing a large, prospective cohort of ex-prisoners in Australia: lessons learned and opportunities Stuart Kinner   Older adolescent girls attitudes towards physical activity: a qualitative study Samuel Robinson Willingness to pay for HPV vaccines of mothers of newborn in Hong Kong Josette Sin-Yee Chor Different voices and solutions for food security Ruth Kharis Provision of absolute cardiovascular risk assessment to well adults in indigenous primary health centres Veronica Matthews  
1518-1530 Does the regular consumption of school meals influence the consumption of healthy foods? Daniela Canella   Pesticides and public health risk David Sabapathy   Disparities in the effectiveness of tertiary prevention between immigrants and the majority population in Germany: a trend analysis, 2006-2013 Patrick Brzoska   Connecting african communities: an aquatic education program empowering african youth and changing community perceptions Rhiannon Birch   Public health nutrition and the private-sector: a framework for understanding external environmental influences on food companies Helen Trevena Agile approach to breast screening Aboriginal women: from pilot to sustainable screening model Lisa Hochberg            
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea  
Session WLD22 WLD23 WLD24 Oral Session 113 Oral Session 114 Oral Session 115 Oral Session 116 Oral Session 117 Oral Session 118 Oral Session 119  Oral Session 120 Oral Session 121 Oral Session 122 Oral Session 123 Oral Session 124 Panel 33 Workshop 28 Panel 34 Workshop 29 Panel 35 Panel 36 Sponsor Room
Theme       Food and nutrition Health workforce Communities and environments Child health Tobacco Crisis and emergency Equity in health Obesity Healthy public policy Health systems Health and wellbing Health promotion              
1600-1612 Towards Malaria elimination in the Asia-Pacific - Challenges and opportunities? Global security, sustainability and public health: Chemical, biological, and nuclear threats and responses Global finance, poverty and health  Analysis of sugary beverages marketed as healthy via product labels in South Australian stores. Aimee Brownbill Who will deliver? public health charter goals and workforce realities Annette Huntington Are Victorians consuming discretionary foods? Tracy McCaffrey Regional differences in symptoms of acute respiratory infection among young children under five in Nigeria: a multilevel analysis Oluwafunmilade Adesanya Socioeconomic position over the life course and smoking status in mid-adulthood: results from a 25 year follow-up study Seana Gall The multifaceted aspects of evd preparedness and response in (western) Sydney: a public health unit experience Penelope Clark, Shopna Bag Rights to health: an indigenous model for children and young people in Aotearoa / NZ Paula King Reducing Cardiovascular and Diabetes among Mäori and Pacific people using a team weight loss competition Marewa Glover Towards a national nutrition policy for Australia: the role of non-government organisations in progressing policy inaction Helen Vidgen Inclusive health clinic - a bespoke health care service for marginalized and disadvantaged populations Kim Rayner, Karyn Walsh, Alice Lu An approach to measure social capital and health Sneha Lakhotia Shining the light on Whänau success: exploring the social, cultural and health benefits of Whänau initiatives Angelique Reweti Emerging Areas In Racism And Health Research: Examples From New Zealand And Australia Donna Cormack Involving people from vulnerable communities in health development: designing effective strategies for participation Sarah Pollock  What have we learnt from early prevention of childhood obesity trials? Louise Baur  Climate Adaptation in Action: Prioritising Health Professional Learning Objectives For Climate Change Janie Maxwelll  A gender lens in mental wellbeing – patterns, programs and future considerations Renee Imbesi  Gender equity in global health leadership in the age of the SDGs Vina HuLamm   
1612-1624 Kilojoule menu labelling - implementation, impact and future directions Elizabeth Munn Teaching public health in undergraduate medical school: experience in Indonesia and Australia Brahm Marjadi Promoting hygiene behaviour change: evidence from the Philippines and Nepal Celia McMichael The other talk: a review of resources available for parents to prevent or manage their childrens alcohol and drug use Shauna Sherker Tobacco plain packaging risk perception in adolescents in Chile, 2015 María Bertoglia A cultural partnership approach to supporting the wellbeing of families in post-disaster Christchurch New Zealand Anna Thorpe, Vaea Hutchen, Terisa Tagicakibau, Sue Turner Measuring and monitoring health inequalities in Canada: the pan-Canadian health inequalities reporting initiative Beth Jackson Community participation essential to health promotion response for obesity epidemic in Fiji islands Kamal Singh, Marguerite Sendall, Phil Crane Abortion laws: when to work around them and how to change them - perspectives from australia Jenny Ejlak Motivators and deterrents to medical doctors posted in urban and rural areas to work in rural areas- a case from 3 north Indian States Sonu Goel Promoting adolescent interest in health via action research and education Suzzanne Owen Healthy Sydney University: embedding the principles of health promotion in a university setting Elly Howse
1624-1636 Healthy food environment: practices to drive healthy food provision in government settings Beatrice Tang Self-censorship among students of a medical institute of Imphal, India Vizovonuo Visi Impact of ambient temperatures on daily mortality in Jinan, China Ying Zhang Transforming traditional models to reflect equitable outcomes in child health Alicia Berghan An experience based typology of young ryo smokers Shelagh Ferguson Role of female community health volunteers in crisis Penny Dawson The impact of chronic kidney disease on household income: does health affect wealth? Rachael Morton Lifestyle factors protective of metabolically healthy overweight/obesity over 10 years in black South Africans Salome Kruger Implementation of a health in all policies approach in canterbury, New Zealand Evon Currie Stakeholder consultation to inform public health workforce development strategy renewal in New Zealand Te Miha Ua Cookson Nutrition and food security in timor leste - a household perspective Elizabeth Kirkwood Health promotion and primary prevention through student's projects with under-served populations Francoise Filion
1636-1648 Recruiting disadvantaged individuals into food literacy programs Simone Pettigrew   Development, implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based program of facilitated peer support for carers of children with complex needs Gina Sartore A qualitative study of barriers to healthy lifestyle of pre-school aged children of overseas-born-mothers with previous gestational diabetes Tehzeeb Zulfiqar Assessing and validating an educational resource package for the management of smoking in indigenous pregnant women Yael Bar Zeev Abortion during humanitarian crisis: a qualitative study in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquakes Claire Rogers Monitoring reach and adoption by disadvantage to ensure equitable delivery of childhood obesity prevention programs Christine Innes-Hughes Latino parents' perceptions of health behavior practices: a sociospatial grounded theory approach Roger Figueroa Better public policy for children: policy-maker perspectives from Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden Amanda D'Souza The royal flying doctor service: a flying doctor and so much more Martin Laverty Mäori health models as a vehicle to health and wellbeing in our communities Gail McLauchlan, Aaron Hapuku Celebrity vs medical practitioner: measuring the impact of health spokesperson expertise and familiarity on skin cancer preventative advertising Candice-Brooke Woods
1648-1700 Validity of dietary diversity score as an alternative indicator of nutrient adequacy among selected older adults aged 60 and above in Pasay City, Philippines Ernani Bullecer Understanding and valuing professional networks in public health - a social network analysis Rebecca Armstrong A Helsinki accord perspective on gm field trials in Hawaii Kristi Cook Effect of integrated nutritional intervention on the nutritional status of under-five children in two rural communities of North-West Nigeria Mary Onoja-Alexander Smokefree aotearoa 2025: experience and lessons from the first five years of trying to end the smoking epidemic in New Zealand Richard Edwards Mental health as a public health issue following the earthquakes: reports from Japan and China Junko Otani Equality for sex work - getting the law right Kima O'Donnell Weight management practices associated with polycystic ovary syndrome and their relationships with diet and physical activity Lisa Moran How do health promotion practitioners' knowledge and practices shift in collaborative partnerships? Letitia Del Fabbro What is innovation in public health? Luis-Eugenio Souza Filling bellies, fuelling minds: key learnings from the evaluation of Foodbank WA's school breakfast program Miranda Chester Matt Byrne Pass it on: implementing a breastfeeding peer support program Heather Grimes
1700-1712 Enjoying food and learning in my new country Rosamaria Tascone, Jessica Malcolm Increasing possibilities - increasing dilemmas: a qualitative study of Swedish midwives' experiences of ultrasound use in pregnancy Kristina Edvardsson Comparative assessment of the quality of public sources of drinking water in communities exposed to gas flaring activities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria Omosivie Maduka Online programs build confidence and improves healthy eating messages in early years sector Amanda Devine Key considerations for embedding comprehensive smoking cessation support in mental health services Kevin Gregg-Rowan Gender difference in experiencing feelings of hopelessness among the survivors of great east Japan earthquake Aya Ishiguro The inequities of chronic pain. responding with culturally responsive pain management practices Bernadette Brady Factors influencing children's consumption of unhealthy foods Michelle Jongenelis Smokefree policies for outdoor public places: what are the ethical issues? George Thomson International transferable public health skills - delivery of 'train the trainer' training by uk colleagues to indian counterparts: successes and challenges David Allen, John Middleton Reducing waist circumference has a greater benefits for the prevention of high blood pressure than body mass index change - results of a population-based longitudinal study in Southern Brazil David Alejandro Gonzalez-Chica Framework for scaling up systematic mental health and lifestyle screening and intervention in diverse contexts Felicity Goodyear-Smith
1712-1724 The children promoting nutrition through theatre (coconut) pilot study Daniele Nucci The era of the entrepreneur: public health consultants share new ways of working Rebecca Zosel The impact of high environmental temperature on workers' health and safety in Northern Italy (2000-2013) Anna Odone In the hands of parents: an exploratory study of parent / caregiver mobile device use in the playground setting Jonine Jancey Toward an Ebola intervention and containment advisor Kun Hu Promoting economic participation and equity for refugee and migrant Sally Camilleri Priority setting policies to address the environmental drivers of obesity Jaithri Ananthapavan Building on successes and learning from challenges of the ns food and nutrition policy Rebecca Spencer   Educational level and employment as a source of quality of life disparities among individuals with Cardiometabolic conditions: evidence of a population-based study in South Australia David Gonzalez-Chica Online professional development for early years' educators: fostering positive body image in preschool children Karen Lombardi
1724-1736 Systematic review and comparison of classification frameworks describing the degree of food processing Michelle Crino Creating a regulated health promotion workforce in Australia Marguerite Sendall, Andrew Jones-Roberts Food literacy needs of food relief recipients in ACT and WA Tanya Lawlis A new conceptualisation of child mental health: competence and difficulties Amanda Kvalsvig   Experiences among older adults after earthquake in Nepal Sabina Wagle Addressing health inequities and extending reach to priority groups with the NSW GO4FUN obesity treatment program Christine Innes-Hughes   Gun control in New Zealand and Australia: what can we learn? Marie Russell     Physical activity trends: new insights from a population health survey Jane Shill
1736-1748 A critical policy analysis of the Australian healthy food partnership Mark Lawrence Agricultural health and medicine education - engaging rural professionals to make a difference to farmers' lives Susan Brumby   Children's knowledge of gambling products in community clubs in Australia Amy Bestman     To be smoke free or not to be - that is the question Emily Box          
1748-1800     The influence of self-perceptions of aging and social activities on subjective well-being among Korean elderly Myungsuk Choi       Improving an equitable health budgeting for vulnerable areas: a case study in 3 districts in Papua, Indonesia Likke Prawidya Putri