Program – Friday 7 April 2017

Please note the WCPH 2017 is subject to change without notice and the program displayed on this page may not be the most up to date. By downloading the WCPH 2017 Congress App you will be able to view the most up to date program details.
  Plenary Room 1
  World Health DayChair: Professor Helen Keleher
0845 Address, Professor Helen Keleher, Congress Chair
0855 Address, Mr Michael Moore, WFPHA President
0920 Dr Rudiger Krech to introduce Dr Margaret Chan’s address
0925 Address Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General World Health Organization
0935 Address and Presentation to WFPHA Dr Rudiger Krech
0950 WFPHA video on Public Health Achievements
1010 Morning tea
1040 Early Career Researcher Awards
1045 The Killer Defence: Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, Sustainable Public Health Futures
1115 Dr. Ranieri Guerra, Chief Medical Officer, Italian Ministry of Health
1130 Young people’s voices: Student 1 and 2 from Warwick High School; Ryan Pieters, Wiradjuri Australian man and 4th year medical student
Summer May Finlay, Yorta Yorta woman, PhD student
1150 Congress reflections: Professor Heather Yeatman, National Organising Committee
1200 The Melbourne Call to Action Laetitia Rispel WFPHA President-Elect
1210 Call to Rome - Italian Delegation
1225 Farewell to Melbourne - The Australian Girls’ Choir
1330-1600 Congress Field Trips